Q: I would like to register as a supplier member on Supplier Web Work and I would like to ask for more information about the services. Where can I contact?

A: If you would like to ask for more information about the services, please contact Supplier Management Department at Tel: +662 0344374 or email at supplierwebwork@pantavanij.com

Q: I would like to receive the Verified symbol by Pantavanij, what should I do?

A: You need to fill in the information and attach the documents required accurately.
  1. Your company details (based on specified condition)
  2. Individual contact details.
  3. Documents that show the reliability of your company or individual as follow:
    Corporate: Corporate Certificate / VAT Registration Certificate (Por. Por 20) Individual: Identification card / House registration document / Commerce registration document / VAT Registration Certificate (Por.Por 20) (If any) more...


The assistance is available to use the phone system
Opening of officials Monday - Friday 8:30 am. - 18:00 pm.

If you are unable to contact by phone can send the problem
by E-mail and contact you later.

Customer Care

Phone : 0-2034-4333     Fax : 0-2679-7474
Email : customercare@pantavanij.com

Supplier Management

Phone : 02-034-4374
Email : SupplierWebWork@pantavanij.com