Make Advantage
1.) Always update your company profile and contact information accurately. This way interested Buyers can contact you or place order on your product / service right away.

2.) Always update your products / services with full details. Also, you should select the appropriate industry to which your products/services belong to. This will increase the chances of your company being selected when the Buyers source for products / services.

3.) Information should be maintained in both Thai (Local Language) and English. This will increase your competitiveness with foreign suppliers. more...


The assistance is available to use the phone system
Opening of officials Monday - Friday 8:30 am. - 18:00 pm.

If you are unable to contact by phone can send the problem
by E-mail and contact you later.

Customer Care

Phone : 0-2034-4333     Fax : 0-2679-7474
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Supplier Management

Phone : 02-034-4374
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